Monday, June 30, 2008

Are People Aware That They May Not Be Aware?

Wow, how do you go about educating the whole world about something? Even in this age of massive communication, it's impossible to try and share something with everyone. I have this burden to inform people everywhere about sensory issues, but it's really not possible is it? Even with Carol Kranowitz's successful book, The Out-of-Sync Child, and Ayres Book, Sensory Integration and the Child, there's still no way to get the information into everyone's hands.
I have quenched my desire to tell many through publishing my magazine, but that's still not "many" enough. I've been asked to speak for two companies across the country starting in the fall. Although I look forward to those audiences, at this point, it's still only speaking to 20-25 groups over several months and that's not "many" enough.
As always, it seems the age old tradition called "word of mouth" will be the most extensive and lasting way to reach the masses. I'd love to hear from any of you who may have a newsletter or listserve that would be interested in spreading the word during National Sensory Awareness Month in October. Maybe between you, me and enough outlets we could reach "many" more.
Just a thought.

Friday, May 30, 2008

What's Up for the Summer????

   It's the end of May and for many parts of the country that means: School's Out!!!!! So what's next? Maybe sleeping a little later, planning a vacation, or just being with friends more. Hopefully it means more time outside and getting the kids more active. Not organized activities, but just active. 
   I've recently learned of some startling statistics that reveal the true state of condition among our children. Did you know that American children average between 6.5 and 7.5 hours of TV and/ or video games a day?!?! Did you know that 50% of our children have a television in their own bedrooms? WHY? 
   Give your child some great summer experiences. Spend time watching clouds, introduce them to mud, make them stay outside several hours a day, if not for most of the day, spend less money on lessons and more time creating imaginative play opportunities. Our children need to be more physically active and given time and space to just be kids. 
   Give me your comments on how you're spending the summer with your kids. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Tag, your it!"

   Wow, what planet are we living on? I don't even recognize it sometimes. As I sit at my computer watching the evening news, there's a report of a school (I'll not embarrass the city or state) that is outlawing the game of "tag" on the playground.  It seems the principal has decided it's too aggressive. Have we lost our senses (no pun intended)? Where is the common sense that should guide child rearing? I'm quite sure, "tag, you're it," has echoed through the decades, if not centuries, well before there was any playground equipment. And why? Because it's natural for kids to run and play. Yes, there's a risk in running and yes, there's a disappointment you might not be tagged or might be "it." But that's life. My guess is, if it were not a fun activity, kids would have abandoned it long ago. 
   Luckily, in the report, it was stated that parents were outraged. As they should be. It is criminal that many schools across the country are beginning to phase out recess. Please, our children have got to move, have got to run, have got to get out of the classrooms during the day and "feed" they neurological and physical systems so they can focus, attend and learn!!
   This very topic and the elimination of movement is going to be my focus in a series of workshops coming this summer and fall. Let me know if you want to schedule one for your community. And, by all means chime in with your thoughts on this topic. What are you facing in you home towns?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Let's get Bloggin'

Hello and Welcome!
   You've entered the blog of Kathleen Morris, publisher/editor 
of S.I. Focus Magazine. In the future I hope to offer topics, 
ideas, events and thoughts that interest you within the world 
of sensory integration. 
   I want to start this site with introducing you to National 
Sensory Awareness Month that starts in October. This year's 
NSAM 2008 will be our fourth year to enroll volunteers to help 
raise awareness in their own communities. Just e-mail me at that you are interested in helping raise 
awareness and you will be e-mailed our packet of guidelines, 
ideas and information. There are no major events or costs to you, 
unless you want to organize an event in your area. I am available 
to come to your location if you want to sponsor a workshop or 
evening to educate your community. Visit the magazine's store 
to  order posters and videos to help with educating your school or 
organization at
   That's all for now. Come back soon.